15th Rajasthan Assembly Chief Minister and Elected Members, number of crorepati MLA, Educated MLA, Criminal charged MLA in Rajasthan assembly 2018
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15th Rajasthan Assembly Chief Minister and Elected Members

The 15th Rajasthan assembly elections have finally been wrapped in its final step with the oath-taking ceremony of the new Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on December 17. The newly elected Rajasthan assembly has more crorepatis MLA as members. Compared to the previous assembly, this time more members are elected which have pending criminal cases.

Rajasthan Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) have analysed affidavits of newly elected 199 MLAs out of 200 assembly seats in the Rajasthan 2018 elections. Polling to Ramgarh constituency has been deferred following the death of Laxman Singh, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) candidate before the elections.

15th Rajasthan Assembly Chief Minister

Mr Gehlot is serving as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan state for the third time. Gehlot has been in politics from last forty-seven years. In the assembly, he is representing the Sardarpura constituency seat of Jodhpur for the fifth time in the assembly. He was also in Central Ministry for two times. Gehlot seems to be very lucrative for the Jodhpur city; and why not the city is his hometown.

During his last tenure of chief ministership, Jodhpur become the education hub as many top institutes like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Jodhpur), All Indian Institute for Medical Sciences (AIIMS Jodhpur), Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI), National Law University (NLU), Ayurved University, National Institute for Fashion and Technology (NIFT) and Sardar Patel Police University were planned and started.

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15th Rajasthan Assembly Elected Members

Once the youngest MP, 41 years old Sachin Pilot has also taken the oath as the Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan. Rajasthan Congress president Sachin Pilot became the Rajasthan State youngest deputy Chief Minister.

Talking about the newly elected 199 MLA for Rajasthan 15th assembly, Following the rituals of politics, there are some MLAs who have been charged with the criminal cases and lots of them have the serious criminal charges like lynching on them but our system is nonchalant about that note, some of them having financial disputes as well.

In the below-given article, you will find all the details about the present MLAs who were elected.

Criminal Charges and Facade Faces

As per Rajasthan Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), the 15th Rajasthan assembly has MLAs consisting of several criminal charges. Out of 199 MLAs, 46 MLAs have declared criminal charges on them that is 23% of total seats. And this find to be a very mediocre thing in the politics, the past government also have the MLAs who have criminal allegations on them but the number was much lesser as compared to today’s government, the 2013 government have the record of 36 MLAs out of 200 elected members, who were having criminally charged that means 18% of total seats.

While taking this point towards the serious criminal charges like kidnapping, murder or attempt to murder the number here is also very high as compared to the last government, this government have 28 MLAs that is 14 % of total seats and the past government was having 19 MLAs that is around 10 % of the total seats. Rest of them have the case of vandalism and other such charges.

Out of Congress’s 99 elected MLAs, 25 (25 per cent) have criminal cases against them; the number for BJP is 12 (16 per cent) and two (33 per cent) for BSP. As for serious criminal cases, Congress has 16 MLAs (16 per cent of their total elected members), BJP seven (10 per cent of their total elected members) and BSP two (33 per cent of their total elected members).

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Financial Status of Elected MLAs 

Out of 199 freshly elected Member of 15th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly (MLAs), 158 MLAs (i.e 79%) are financially rich and considered as crorepati.

Among the richest MLAs who have declared their total assets in IT returns are Congress leaders Parasram Mordia (172 crores) and Udai Lal Anjana (107crore), and Ramkesh Meena (39 crores), an Independent.

See the specifics in the below-given table.

Party Name Congress BJP Independent BSP
No. of MLAs 82 (82 per cent) 58 (79 per cent) 11 (85 per cent) 5 (83 per cent)

The average asset per MLA in the Rajasthan 2018 assembly is Rs 7.39 crore. In 2013, it was Rs 5.81 crore. Party wise average asset worth –

Party Name Congress BJP Independent BSP
Average Asset worth Rs 9.33 crore Rs 5.38 crore Rs 7.36 crore Rs 8.70 crore

Our MLAs, Their Education

The MLAs has declared their educational qualification and the numbers are like 59 MLAs (30 per cent) have just studied between class 5th to 12th class, 129 MLAs (65 per cent) have the degree of graduation or above and rest of the 7 MLAs are just literate.

Women’s Representation

The world is taking a move towards the women empowerment and here are the number that shows are even less than 33%. The number of women selected in 2018 is less than what has been selected in 2013. As for women’s representation in assembly, there are 23 women (Just 12%) among the 199 elected MLAs as compared to 28 women (14 %) in 2013.

Elected MLA’s Age Group

Most of the MLAs are middle-aged: 159 (80 per cent) are in the 41-70 years age bracket; 24 (12 per cent) are between 31 and 40 years; three (2 per cent) are between 25 and 30; 12 (24 per cent) MLAs are in the 71-80 bracket; and one MLA i.e Mrs Suryakanta Vyas famously known as Jiji is 80-plus years old. She is Member of the Legislative Assembly of Bharatiya Janata Party from Soorsagar constituency of Jodhpur.

The age of members-

Age Group 25 – 30 31 – 40 41 – 70 71 – 80 Above 80
No. of MLAs 3 24 159 12 1

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