Jodhpur Polo and Equestrian Institute will hold six tournaments & 8 exhibition matches in 20th Jodhpur Polo season 2019, starting from Nov 25
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19th Jodhpur Polo Season 2018 Begins From November 25

The 19th Jodhpur polo season 2018 begins at Maharaja Gaj Singh Sports Foundation Polo Ground, Air Force Road, Pabupura, from November 25 to December 31 under the auspices of Jodhpur Polo and Equestrian Institute, Jodhpur. Maharaja Gajsingh Ji is the chief patron of the event.

Colonel Ummed Singh, honorary secretary, Jodhpur Polo and Equestrian Institute, said that six tournaments and eight exhibition matches will be played in Jodhpur Polo season 2018. In Jodhpur polo season 2017, five tournaments and seven exhibition matches were played.

Jodhpur Polo Season 2018 Tournament Schedule

In Jodhpur Polo Season 2018, Umaid Bhawan Palace Cup 4 goal will be played from November 25 to 30, Hermes Cup 2 goal from 1 to 5 December, Jodhpur Polo Cup 4 Goal will be played from 6 to 10 December, H.H. Maharaja of Jodhpur Cup 8 Goal from 14-19 December, Rajputana and Central India Cup 10 Goal from 20 – 24 December and Maharaja of Jodhpur Golden Jubilee Cup 10 Goal will be held from 25 – 30 December.

Umaid Bhawan Palace Cup (4 Goals) Sunday 25th November to Friday 30th November 2018 Finals
Hermes Cup-Arena Polo (2 Goals) Saturday 01st December to Wednesday 05th December 2018 Finals
Jodhpur Polo Cup-Arena Polo (4 Goals) Thursday 06th December to Monday 10th December 2018 Finals
H.H. Maharaja of Jodhpur Cup (8 Goals) Friday 14th December to Wednesday 19th December 2018 Finals
Rajputana & Central India Cup (10 Goals) Thursday 20th December to Monday 24th December 2018 Finals
Maharaja of Jodhpur Golden Jubilee Cup (10 Goals) Tuesday 25th December to Friday 30th December 2018 Finals

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Jodhpur Polo Season 2018 Exhibition Match Schedule

8 exhibition match will also be played in Jodhpur Polo Season 2018. Major Thakur Sardar Singh Jasol Memorial Cup presented by Thakur Jaswant Singh Ji will be played on 29th November, Jodhpur and Mundota Fort & Palace on December 12, BPD Vs Mayo College Ajmer on 13th December, another match on 13th December will be played between British Military Vs Jodhpur, Army Commander’s Cup presented by Army Commander Southern Command on 16 December, Abu Seir Cup Presented by Farouk Younes, F.I.P. Ambassador of Egypt on December 23, HH Maharaja Hanwant Singh Cycle Polo match on December 24, Bhanwar Baijilal Vara Raje Polo Cup on 25 December, Argentine Polo Match on 29 December.

All matches will be held at 3:00 pm and on 12, 13 and 19 December, the matches will be held at 2:00 pm.

Maj. Th. Sardar Singh Jasol Memorial Cup Presented by Th. Jaswant Singhji Jasol Thursday 29th November 2018
Jodhpur I Vs. Mundota Fort & Palace, Jaipur Wednesday 12th December 2018
BPD I Vs. Mayo The British Military Vs. Jodhpur II Thursday 13th December 2018
Army Commander’s Cup Presented by Army Commander Southern Command Sunday 16th December 2018
The Abu Seir Cup Presented by Farouk Younes, F.I.P. Ambassador of Egypt Sunday 23rd December 2018
Bhanwar Baijilal Vaara Rajye Polo Cup Tuesday 25th December 2018
Argentine Polo Exhibition match Thursday 29th December 2018
Polo Off Day – Tuesday 11th December 2018

Famous Players to Attend Jodhpur Polo Season 2018

Indian players including Simran Singh Shergill, Syed Shamsher Ali, Dhruvpal Godara, Sameer Suhag, Saiyyad Bashir Ali, Abhimanyu Pathak, Angad Kalan, Vishal Singh, Gaurav Sahgal, Uday Kalan, Maharaja Jaipur Padmnabh Singh, Salim Azmi, Lokendra Singh Rathod, Siddhanta Sharma, Tarun Bilawal, Bhawani Singh Kalvi, Pratap Singh Kanota will be seen in action.

Among foreign players Lila Pierson, Jeremy Cadogan, Will Amerson, Gaston Devrient, Sam Browne, Torrey Ripinsky, Malcolm Borwick, Bash Kazi, Capt. Mossy Hamilton, Lieutenant Jamie Drummond Moray, Tieyarnan O Rourke, Greg Sater, Second Lt. Oli Powel, Greg Caoubs will the main attraction.

Jodhpur Players in Polo Season

Jodhpur Polo Players Rajkumar Karan Vijay Singh, Janmejai Singh, Kartikey Singh, Dhananjay Singh, Yogeshwar Singh, Hemandra Singh, Nikhilendra Singh, Ankur Mishra, Vishwaraj Singh Bhati and Pep Singh will play the Jodhpur Polo Season 2018.

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