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Balsamand Lake Palace, A Fine Example of Rajput Architecture and Craftsmanship

Jodhpur is among the fascinating cities of Rajasthan and there is no second opinion required to establish this fact. It is a heavenly abode to some of the best, most beautiful and oldest structures and palaces of the state of Rajasthan. The beautiful and majestic Balsamand Lake Palace, situated on the banks of the Balsamand Lake is one such structure in the Suncity.

Balsamand Lake Palace, A Fine Example of Rajput Architecture and CraftsmanshipSet just outside Jodhpur by the popular Balsamand Lake Palace, is one of the best palace and lake in the Bluecity, Jodhpur. This beautiful palace has long been a cool place for royal rest and relaxation. A fine example of Rajput architecture, the private palace is surrounded by lush, expansive gardens, large stables and has an elegant swimming pool, surrounded by red sandstone arches.

Situated on the Jodhpur-Mandore road, around 8 Kilometers from the Jodhpur city, the Balsamand Palace seems to be in a completely different universe. Today the lake is surrounded by the trees like mango, papaya and plum, and also houses the lush green gardens. This lake is home to many animals like Jackal, Deer and Peacock.

History Of Balsamand Lake Palace

The history of this palace is not a lot as it was just a lavish palace for the pleasures of the Rathore rulers and the Mughals. Let’s explore the history a little more and then move on to the attractions of the place.

Balsamand Lake is a type of reservoir, built in 1159 AD by the then Marwar rulers Gurjara-Pratihara. The name of this lake is kept on the Balak Rao Parihar who was the head of the Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty of this area. This water reservoir was designed to provide water to Mandore then capital of Marwar. The length, breadth and depth of the lake is 1000 m, 50 m, 15 m respectively.

In ancient time when Pratihara Empire rule in this area, they thought that they first have to build the water reservoir for the peoples to survive in this area so they built this lake. After the completion of the lake, the Pratihara Empire was able to rule in this area but not for a longer time. In 1427 when Rao Ranmal secured the throne of Mandore by defeating them and declared Mandore as the official capital of Marwar.

After this when Rao Jodha the founder of Jodhpur and the son of Rao Ranmal came in the power he transferred the capital from Mandore to Jodhpur. A palace was built later as the summer palace on the shore of the Balsamand Lake. The palace was built in 17th century by the then Maharaja Jaswant Singh-I of Jodhpur under the banner of Mughal Empire. The palace was built for the purpose of royal rest and relaxation in summer because in summer the area gets very hot so the then Maharaja lives here.

Till the end of the 19th century, this palace was the private residence of the royal family of Jodhpur after that it was converted into a heritage hotel.

It was considered to the favourite picnic spot of the rulers, due to the attractive lake and the pleasant surroundings. It was a pleasure palace for them during the monsoons and later on came to be known as the Monsoon Palace.

Tourist Attractions at the Balsamand Lake Palace

From the private residence of the Maharajas’ to the luxury hotel Balsamand lake now known as Welcome Heritage Balsamand Lake and Palace. The luxury hotel has 36 incredible rooms in which one is Maharani Suit facing towards the lake.

The Balsamand Palace which overlooks the lake is built out of red sandstone with architecture following the Rajput style of design and craftsmanship to function as a summer rest house for royals.

Balsamand Lake Palace, A Fine Example of Rajput Architecture and CraftsmanshipThe renovated interiors and exteriors of the Palace turned to a Heritage hotel, are equally gorgeous and a treat to the eyes of the visitors. The large gardens, the crystal clear water of the lake, the manicured lawns and the exclusive Rose garden make one relive the lives of the kings and queens who had resided in the palace before being converted to a hotel. These rose gardens are located within private garden rooms and there are 26 of such garden rooms placed within a circle surrounded by the lawns.

The luxury hotel witnesses the top royal weddings and events in the country. From the famous British model Naomi Campbell to the Prince of Wales and many more, all these people came to the Balsamand Palace to see the beauty of the Palace.

The famous weddings and events which were held in this palace are, the wedding of Indian film producer Krishika Lulla, the birthday party of Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend, the launch of BMW 7 series etc.

On a visit to India, Prince Charles came to Jodhpur to see the beauty of Marwari architecture, on his arrival to Jodhpur Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji, hosted a party in honour for him in Balsamand Lake and Palace.

The palace has a multi-cuisine restaurant and a coffee shop. The Indian, Chinese and Continental fare is on offer in all the restaurants. The Balsamand Lake Palace is one of its kind in the state.

Although at present it has been completed renovated from its ancient look and is suitable for visitors throughout the year, which brings us to the attractions of the Balsamand Lake Palace.

The palace is writing its history day by day. The Balsamand Lake Palace is a gift of peace, beauty and serenity and a haven for those who love to relive the royal experiences as was felt by the kings and queens of Jodhpur. So do not miss out on this beautiful palace replete with exotic experiences, the next time you visit Jodhpur.

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