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Friendship Day 2019: True Friend and Ideas to Celebrate This Special Day

Friendship Day 2019: The world will be celebrating and rejoicing the bond and love of friendship i.e Friendship Day 2019 on 04th August, the first Sunday of the month of August. The idea of Friendship Day first originated in the US and then it has spread across the world.

A friendship day is celebrated all over the world in the month of July. However, in India and many other Countries friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month of August. On this day friends share gifts with each other. Friendship is a relationship that gradually develops over a period of time during which people share their happiness and sorrows with each other and also spend time together.

A single day is not enough to thank your friend for a bond forged through a lifetime. Let’s take this friendship day to cherish a relationship with a buddy who knows you inside out and has been with you through thick and thin. But before that, we should know What is Friendship Day, history and significance of this day and Who is that special person!

We meet millions of people all the world in our lifetime, but a very few remains in our heart. Friends are those special family that we choose. A friend can be your parents, grandparents, siblings, relative, your pets, or the Unknowns who met during your lifetime.

A true friendship doesn’t mean exchanging messages, gossiping all day, but somebody who is there when you need them, somebody who doesn’t demand anything or complaints about petty issues, somebody who teases you, makes fun of you, and will never praise you in front of you. A true friend never stabs you behind your back.

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We have the bond of friendship in Indian mythology also, from being Lord Krishna – Arjun, Lord Rama – Sugriva, Karna-Duryodhana to Draupadi-Krishna any many more. How can one forget the most famous and loved tale of Lord Krishna-Sudama, the friendship which was pure and transcended the boundaries of caste, creed or social status. According to Indian Mythology, the day when Sudama travelled all the way to Dwarka to meet Lord Krishna is the day called Friendship day.

Friends come and are born for us. They are the real persons who encourage, motivate and put their shoulders always open for you, whether you are sad or happy. Friends are not only the relations that are bonded by through our blood. Furthermore, from day to day musings to endless banter, from just sharing sorrows and sorrows or just chilling in each other’s company.

How to Make Friendship Day 2019 Special

Bring your best friend with you and let have a discussion with him/her whole day. Discuss your achievements and successes of life. Try to feel comfortable if he/she has any problem. Discuss the problems you both have in your life and try to solve them. Moreover, discuss how you can help each other in a possible way to get out of any problem.

If you exchange your ideas during this discussion and find any big problem which your friend or your friend’s friend is having. Discuss how to take him/her away from that problem.

Enjoy the whole day with your heart. You will feel that all your problems will get away automatically. Furthermore, you feel relaxed and full of energy. Sad moments will be moving away from your life. Happiness will increase in your life. The whole day you will not feel tired and at last, promised each other to remain in touch the whole year.

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Ideas on Friendship Day 2019 Celebration

Book a Table

Take your friends out for lunch or dinner. Order your favourite cuisines and relive old memories and create the new ones.

Gift them the Bands

We all used to love friendship’s band in our School’s life. So its time to recall all those moments by gifting them, bands.

Handmade Cards

We are busy in our daily lives but we can take an hour or so to make a card for our friends. Be more emotional than artistic amidst card making.

Go for Rides

Spending time in the long drive is the best to cherish your old memories. Go with your friends on long rides and enjoy street food and precious time of togetherness.

Celebrate with Ones who can’t

This involves meeting the underprivileged people, Gift them all the love, good food, some useful gifts. Become friends with them.

Waste Less, Enjoy More

Make your Friendship’s day pocket-friendly, don’t waste money to show off doing little things make people feel more special.

A Little History of Friendship Day

International Friendship Day was first proposed in 1958, but it was only celebrated in that year in the USA. In 1998 made Winnie the Pooh was named as the brand ambassador of Friendship to the United Nations. However, United Nations General Assembly on April 27, 2011, declared July 30 as the International Friendship Day. But nowadays, it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August, including in India and the US.

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This year’s friendship is a great moment for you and your friends. Take this relationship closer by telling your friends what they meant for you and how precious are they for your life. It is a day when friends come together and spend the whole day in peaceful and joyful places. Also, they discuss their friendship journey.

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