The Temple of Justice: Rajasthan High Court New Building at Law Capital of State
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The Temple of Justice: Rajasthan High Court New Building at Law Capital of State

Jodhpur is also known as Law Capital of Rajasthan State, as Rajasthan High Court has its principal seat at Jodhpur,  the second largest city in the state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan High Court was established on 21 June 1949 at Jodhpur under the Rajasthan High Court Ordinance, 1949 and was inaugurated by the Rajpramukh, Maharaja Sawai Man Singh on 29 August 1949.

Due to increase in the size of advocates, cases and requirement and lack of space in the existing premises, in 2007, a 168 bigha land was identified for the high court new building at Jhalamand area, on Pali Road, around 10 Kilometer from the city centre.

The new High Court new building walls and dome are waiting for the commencement of judicial activities, which are being constructed at the cost of crores rupees on the lines of Parliament. In the case of height, size and rounding, this is the largest in north India. The dome of the new building is bigger than the that of state assembly building and the parliamentary house. Dome’s height is 35 meters, which is 120 feet and diameter is 118 feet. Due to its huge domicile, the building is easily visible from a distance of 5 km and from the take-off and land-plane.

The new building has been rounded up by incorporating the features of Vaastu. The reason behind Dome’s vastness is that the parties coming to this building will find peace and comfort. The whole dome is made from RCC. The structure of the building, equipped with a courtroom and several distinctive features, is almost ready.

Below the Dome, a statue of justice will be placed in the center of the Central Hall and the fountain are constructed around it. The chairs will be arranged for the visitors. The entire central hall will be air-cooled. Dozens of windows have been fitted for Natural Light.

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Chief designer TR Sharma said that there are five ways to enter Central Hall which have the capacity of one thousand people. On the Ground floor there are two public courts, libraries, record rooms, dispensaries going. All the courts are on upper floors, there are five stairs to reach the upper floor. There are also 12 elevators for jazz and people.

There are 383 rooms, which would have the chambers of 64 Senior advocates. Apart from these 64 rooms, all the remaining rooms will be accommodated for 4 attorneys. The seating capacity of 1340 lawyers is prepared in the campus.

Justice Ashok Mathur and Justice Dalveer Bhandari of the Supreme Court, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, and Rajasthan High Court Chief Justice S. N. Jha were among those present on the occasion.

Now the construction work has been entrusted to the Rajasthan State Road Development Corporation (RSRDC). Deputy GM, RSRDC, Rakesh Bhandari Purohit was quoted as saying by Rajasthan Patrika that the construction work is almost finished, now the work related to furniture and its purchase will start. This may take more than 6 months to finish off and we would be ready with the shifting of Rajasthan High court to its new building.

Currently, the sanctioned strength of the judges is 50 and actual strength is 34. The Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court is Hon’ble Justice Mr Pradeep Nandrajog.

But lawyers under the banner of the Rajasthan High Court Advocates Association are not happy with the movement of High Court, as it’s little far from the main city. President of the association, Ranjeet Joshi said the new site is not a suitable one due to closeness to a river and aircraft flying range.

The project is still not inaugurated because of furniture procurement last moment. The tender of this furniture procurement is given to RSRDC. The amount of this tender is sanctioned 25 corers. As soon as this tender will be completed we hope that this new building of the high court will be inaugurated.

With the introduction of judicial activities here, there will also be a lot of change in the lives of the people around them. There would be lots of new employment opportunities around the area. Many hotels and schools are coming to this area, a mall from India Bulls is also getting ready on Pali road, many more multi-storey buildings have stood up around in so many times, improving the infrastructure for this area. Many questions arising in the minds of the common people that the timeline for the construction of new building is changed many time, but Why still its fully completed and inaugurated?

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