Best Resorts in Jodhpur for a Taste of Rajasthani Heritage: Visitors can feel the true essence of Rajasthani Heritage, the taste of Royalty and culture along with the comfort, luxury, the style in these charismatic resorts. Here we have compiled a list of the best resorts in Blue City for a memorable stay
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Best Resorts in Jodhpur To Feel True Essence of Rajasthani Heritage

One of the most unique attractions of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is an all-time favourite destination of wanderers. The huge influx of worldwide and regional travellers fill up all of the best resorts in Jodhpur to feel the true essence of Rajasthani especially Marwari Culture and Heritage. Apart from newly built resorts in Jodhpur, there are many royal palaces which are converted into luxury resorts.

Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan, famously known as the “Sun City”. The city is famous for its tradition, cultureheritage and food, the mesmerising view of Mehrangarh Fort from Jaswant Thada during the sunrise is breathtaking.

If one wants to feel the aroma of the city then there are a number of beautiful resorts in Jodhpur to make your stay a memorable one. Have a close glimpse of how the royalty flourished in this land by staying in these amazing resorts – the architecture, courtyards and the luxuriant gardens still sing the tales of the mesmerizing royal culture of this princely state of India.

Visitors can feel the true essence of Rajasthani Heritage, the taste of Royalty and culture along with the comfort, luxury, the style in these charismatic resorts and hotels. Here we have compiled and presented a list of the best resorts (not in order) in this beautiful Blue City to make your stay memorable and hassle-free!

1. Marugarh Venture Resort – Situated approx. 16 kms from the city, Marugarh Venture Resort is close to most of the cultural heritage sites in Jodhpur. This resort offers suites and rooms to stay at an approximate rate of 5000 INR per night.

Amenities: Conference hall, swimming pool, banquet hall, spa, venture lawn, restaurant and bar.

2. Lariya Resort – The resort is situated in a calm and peaceful location and wonderfully compliments the warmth of the Blue City of India. Situated 18 kilometres approx from City centre. Lariya Resort is located in the outskirts of Jodhpur city and is one among the popular resorts in Jodhpur. The minimum tariff for a day’s stay at this resort is approximately 6000 INR. This again depends on the kind of room you choose and the facilities you wish to have.

Amenities: Restaurant, bar, swimming pool, sports centre, a fitness centre and conference hall.

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3. Bal Samand Lake Palace – The Bal Samand Lake Palace is located on the Mandore Road in Jodhpur. The Palace is built with red sandstone and boasts the mighty Rajput architectural style and was envisaged as the summer home to Jodhpur Maharajas.

Amenities: Apart from luxury suites, the palace also features a rose garden, restaurant, and croquet lawn. The Bal Samand Lake Palace has 26 beautifully designed rooms and a few suite rooms. Out of all the suites, the Maharani Suite opens to the pristine view of Bal Samand Lake.

4. Fun World Resort – The resort is best known for the amusement park and water park in the resort campus. It is Situated approx. 15 kilometre from the city centre. The tariff of this multi-resort starts with just a sum of 2000 INR per day and hence is also the most affordable among the other resorts near Jodhpur.

Amenities: Bar and restaurant, water park, amusement park, banquet hall and conference hall.

5. Pratap Niwas Resort – Situated within a proximity of 15 kilometres, the resort is a great place to stay as it is neither far away nor too close to the city. It is a perfect abode if you wish to stay in a place that is away from the chaos of the city and are looking forward to some serene location to stay.

Amenities: Bar and restaurant, suites, swimming pool, and a conference hall.

6. Desert Scape Resort – A little far (23 kms approx.) from the city the Desert Scape Resort anyway provides a feeling of living in the wilderness and warmth of the desert and hence is also preferred for its unmanned quotient. The minimum cost of a room in this resort is 4000 INR per day.

Amenities: Bar and restaurant, suites, and swimming pool

7. Shagun Resorts –  Shagun Resort is situated 20 Kms from the city like many other resorts present in Jodhpur, this resort also has all the basic amenities and it also offers exclusives like a camping experience. For a day at Shagun resorts, it will cost you 1200 INR including all the amenities.

Amenities: Bar and restaurant, tents, family theatre, indoor sports courts and kids play area.

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8. Bishnoi Village Camp and Resort –  The camp cum resort is situated approx. 30 Kms from the city. On staying in this resort one can tick off a plethora of fun activities like desert camping, Feel the essence of the Jodhpur’s villages, witnessing the charm of trying out the luscious ethnic Rajasthani cuisine and also the village safari.

Amenities: Tents, Village huts and a restaurant.

9. Ajit Bhawan – The resort is situated in the heart of the city Circuit House Road. Being a visitor of Maharaj’s family the resort offers you Old World tastefulness with all the cutting edge offices of an exemplary resort. A night at Ajit Bhawan will you 7000 INR approx.

Amenities: Tents, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, conference hall, banquet hall, fitness centre, spa.

10. Amargarh Resort – This resort is an immaculate combination of the work of art and the contemporary which makes it not quite the same as other resorts.

Amenities: Conference hall, banquet hall, restaurant, bar, swimming pool.

11. Nirali Dhani – This ethnic extravagance resort in Jodhpur is a part of the inn Shri Ram Excellency. The resort is the ideal case of the Rajasthani style.

12. Kubergarh Resort – This resort is a standout amongst the most adored resort by the general population and is a most loved among the vacationers.

13. Hotel Lake View Resort – Hotel Lake View Resort is an easy search among other resorts in Jodhpur. This resort is located beside one of the most beautiful lake – Kaylana in Jodhpur.

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