Did You Ever Seen a Monkey, Love to Eat Opium 'अफीम' in Reyan Ceremony?
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Did You Ever Seen a Monkey, Love to Eat Opium ‘अफीम’ in Reyan Ceremony?

The video of a monkey’s dining opium in the rural area of Jodhpur district is increasingly becoming viral. From a long time, while consuming opium ‘अफीम‘ regularly, this monkey became now an addict. In such a situation, wherever some people are gathered, this monkey sit among sitting people and waits for people to get ‘अफीम‘. When opium is not given to monkey, it keeps on irritable and screaming.

In the rural areas of Jodhpur district, a monkey roams between one village and another. This monkey waits and reaches in the meetings, which generally happened during the marriage or after the death of someone. While seeing the people with the Opium account, it goes near to them and sits comfortably. In that meetings, there are rituals of an offering of opium ‘अफीम की मनुहार’ to each other. That offering is also made to this monkey too, for which it is waiting for.

He ate that ‘अफीम‘ fondly. People say that this monkey is active in this area from last three to four years. Due to continuous consumption of opium, it has now been completely addicted to it. This monkey always lives in search of ‘अफीम‘. Sometimes it starts to shout whenever he is not able to get its required and need, ‘अफीम‘.

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Doctor Opinion on Monkey Eating Opium

Dr Anil Chhangani, the monkey expert says that when wildlife comes in contact with humans, they both learn their virtues from each other. The same happened with this monkey as well.

In the beginning, people would have given opium to it for entertainment. Now it has become addicted to अफीम’, which is fatal for this monkey. They believe that monkey is not suitable to feed toxicant substances.

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Consumption of Opium-‘अफीम‘ in Marwar

Consuming restricted ‘अफीम‘ in Marwar has become a virtue. Regardless of whether there is a wedding in the rural area or the death of someone, the opium offering ‘अफीम की मनुहार‘ is becoming the culture and essential. On the most discussions ‘हथाई‘ in villages, people commune with each other through ‘अफीम‘ (अमल ).

Although illegal, opium consumption has become a community ritual in western Rajasthan. On Every marriages, Did You Ever Seen a Monkey, Love to Eat Opium 'अफीम' in Reyan Ceremony?births, death, the menfolk congregate for the ceremony which is known as Reyan ‘अमल सभा ‘. A respected village elder sits in the middle and grinds bits of dried black-opium seeds into the powder, mixes it with water or milk, strains it through a fine wooden funnel and then pours the golden yellow liquid into the cup of his palm.

Each villager then respectfully bows down to sip it. The entire ceremony has the complete social sanction and is, indeed, even quite majestic. The menfolk come in their traditional costumes and colourful turbans and it is considered an insult if anyone refuses to accept अमल at the reyan.

The state government has officially banned the sale of opium in the state. Despite this, ‘अफीम’ is brought here in large quantities by smuggling from Madhya Pradesh, Chittorgarh and West Bengal. Opium is also caught in large amounts, but it has never been effectively curved.

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There is a belief about ‘अफीम’ that after eating three to four times a day, a person becomes addicted to it. It is highly intoxicants and very difficult to quit by addicted person.


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