Do Aapno Jodhpur Need Real Strengths or pretend strength?
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Do Aapno Jodhpur Need Real Strengths?

What are our Real Strengths? Are we really Strong to express and skills to understand? Many of us think that we have to say, or feel, or be something as that seems acceptable other than what we are, so that others will approve of us. We say things we don’t mean, but what others want to hear. We Jodhpuries are very good in that, so that other should not feel bad about anything and all should feel happy. But it’s good to pretend every time?? I think NO..

Many people fail in life not for thinking BIG but feeling small. When we pretend to be or feel what we are not, we rob ourselves the gratification of who we really are. Real strengths enable people to do what they need to do. Pretend strengths may be intriguing at first, but end up disappointing.

When we observe things are not working fine, then it’s the time to wake up and raise the voice instead of saying, “Yeh toh aise hi chalta hain…Kuch nahi ho sakta”. “Hammers run around the world looking for nails to hit”. Today we’re evolving into a society of nails that think they can be hammers because they’ve been hit. It simply isn’t true.

Pretend strengths are figments of someone’s imagination. Real strengths are made up of talent, knowledge, and skills. It’s not enough to study a subject and think to be expert in that. Expertise is born of practice. Life is not about pretending; it is about facing our fears, facing our insecurities, knowing our limiting beliefs. It’s true for the big differences and it’s true on the margin.

  • Talents are naturally acquired. You are either born with them or not. If you don’t have them, you’re never going to get them.
  • Knowledge is learned through education, training, experience, qualification. You can always increase your knowledge by reading and studying.
  • Skills are gained through practice whether they are technical, interpersonal or business related. Even if you’re born with a natural talent for music, you must study to learn music and practice to build skills.

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Ways to Apply Ourselves Rather Pretending to Ourselves

Know Yourself: Know what you do and what don’t do. Imagining you are something you are not is not good enough. Invest in the knowledge and skills before you pretend you actually are something you are not.

Express Your Reality: As leaders, we have difficulty facing the reality of our insecurities, and sometimes we pretend they aren’t there so no one has to know. The truth is who you are always within you; we must find our strength and move forward into our reality with the parts of ourselves we love, and embody it with everything we do.

Live your Greatness and Appreciate Others: When you see great talent and capabilities in others, you may feel that you are lacking something important in yourself. Remember the golden words that the greatness you see in them is actually greatness you appreciate in yourself.

Leading from our source takes courage, living without pretending takes strength. Once you discover who you are at the top of your game, you can use your real strengths to better shape the positions you choose to. When we dream for Jodhpur, then we need to show our real strengths to make it Developed, Swachh and better Aapno Jodhpur.

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