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Mother’s Day 2020 Celebration: How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Amid Coronavirus Lockdown?

Mother’s Day 2020 Celebration: One person in our life who always looks after us, takes care of us, no matter how far or close we are, who knows what we want at what time, is none other than our MaaLoving Mother’. She is the one who never forgets to look after us, fulfil our needs, demands, tantrums, and make our lives happy, comfortable and better.

Mother is the one who gives you birth, made you strong to tackle all hurdles in your life. But have you ever thanked your mother for her selfless service (love)? If YES, then well done and if not, you got a special opportunity today. Today, 10th May, the second Sunday of May month is celebrated as Mother’s day and you can plan the day to make it more special for your mother.

We all are thinking about how to celebrate this special day for our Mother during this pandemic situation. We know, during COVID-19 lockdown, planning something extraordinary would be slightly difficult but believe us, even the smallest gesture can make your mother happy. We’ve come up with a bunch of fun ways for you to enjoy this year’s Mother’s Day without ever leaving the house.

Mother’s Day 2020 Celebration Ideas

  • Spa Day at Home

Mom needs someone to take care of them too, although often our families forget this fact! This year, when all salons are closed due to COVID-19 lockdown, make sure you treat them right with a face facial, give her a hair spa, pedicure or manicure at home and are many ways you can do it just YouTube it and can make your mother feel special.

  • Trear her with Special Dishes

As everything is closed during a lockdown, you can’t take mom out to dinner or brunch today. Wake her up with a large cup of tea/coffee in the morning, then surprise her by preparing a meal for her. There’s nothing more satisfying than cooking/baking for people whom you love and doing it for your mother has no match.

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  • Gift Her a Custom Photo Album, Handwritten Card and Letter

Rember how we use to draw a card and write a letter in our childhood. While in “normal” times you might not care too much about cards but in the current situation something as simple as a friendly message is sure to make a difference.

Nothing in this world can replace the magic of handwritten notes. In the time of WhatsApp messages, Facebook stickers, and TikTok videos, a handwritten note has its own charm. Write a small letter to her, thank her for all her selfless gesture.

If your pictures in digital form, then create an online album together. Take a trip down memory lane by going through your favourite photos together. Trust me, she will be thrilled.

  • Help in Cleaning and Daily Work

Yes, you read it right! We are amid an epidemic and cleanliness is one way to beat the deadly virus. While every day your mothers struggle hard to sanitise your home, so on mother’s day you can help her with household work and give her little break.

  • Candlenight Dinner and Movie Night

This Mother’s day, have a movie night with your Mother. Tune in to her favourite movie and watch together with some snacks and cold drinks. You can also prepare a candlelight dinner for her.

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Love U Mom..!!

Unfortunately, children are not as amazing as their mothers and don’t really appreciate them (mothers), until a lot later in life, usually when they too have terribly selfish children.

Never Ever Disrespect Your Mother. A mother’s pure heart doesn’t see anything beyond the happiness of her child. So shouldn’t such a person be celebrated every single day? Share your feedback in below comment box.

No matter what you do on mother’s day, your mom will love it. Do share with us your Mother’s Day 2020 Celebration plans in the comment box below!  Follow us on Twitter and connect with us on Facebook to find the latest from us and share your views!

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