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Ways to Beat the Heat in this Scorching Summer; Some Tips and Tricks to Enjoy Summer

Beat the Heat: Summer is a season known for mangoes and heat. This summer is so sweltering and the heatwaves warning every second day frightens you to even move out of the house. Living in Rajasthan, makes you think of all the tricks which can really beat this heat. While staying indoors air conditioning can only be the best option for one. But, that’s not economical nor even healthy. Or you can be one of them who believes in being environmentally friendly.

Here, in this article, we would help you all to cope with this scorching heat, activities you can opt-in for this weather to keep yourself cool, busy and safe.

To begin with, what is more, important is our health. If we won’t be able to fight this summer it is going to affect our health adversely. So here are some very easy but important tricks which can really help you.

  • Keep the Sun out: Wherever in the house, the Sun is peeping inside just keep that away. Put your curtains on, doors closed or even the blinds can be kept down. That’s the first and foremost tip to avoid your home being warm.
  • Always be Hydrated: Don’t wait for being thirsty, keep yourself well hydrated. Keep a bottle of water/juice with yourself and keep sipping it. Well-hydrated people are less to fall ill in this heat. Water makes up about 60 % of our body weight and is vital for almost every function in the body. Proper hydration can reduce fatigue and improve endurance.
  • Eat Light: The more you eat, the more heat your body produces. Eat small meals throughout the day to limit the metabolic process that produces heat within. Eating heavy, rich, and dense meals can cause your body to heat up as it works to process everything you’ve eaten. Instead, opt for eating more smaller, lighter meals throughout the day. Enjoy popsicles, freezies, frozen yoghurt and other frozen treats. Just try not to consume too much sugar.
  • Pulse Points: There are numerous pulse points on your body that can be used as cooling spots when in contact with cool water. You’re probably familiar with the points on your wrists and back of your neck. Try putting a cool towel or running cool water over your feet, wrists, and temples.
  • Heat out of the Kitchen: Keep the stoves, and burners off as much as possible. That heat from the kitchen will make your home warm. Consider using your microwave or grill to cook and prepare food.
  • Excess Power Down: A lot of electrical appliances actually create much heat and that can cause your home to warm. Keep your computer towers, and extra lights off as much as possible.
  • Cotton Sheets and Clothes: It’s always wise to dress according to the weather and keep your bedroom linens too accordingly. Always prefer to use cotton sheets and dress a bit light fitted clothes and light coloured because that makes you breathe in this weather.
  • Taking a shower can help your body cool down.
  • Create a Frozen Fan: Put a big bowl filled with ice under a simple house fan and turn it on. The cool air will circulate, lowering the room temperature to keep you cool.
  • Cold Foot Bath: Placing your feet in a cold foot bath. Simply add cold water and ice cubes to a bucket of water. Immerse your feet and soak for up to 20 minutes cools your body and allows you to sit back and relax. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil for an added cooling effect.
  • Hydrating Foods/Drinks: Eat plenty of foods high in water content to rehydrate yourself. Fruits such as cantaloupe, watermelon, and strawberries are good options. Drinking buttermilk, and coconut water may help to cool down your body and improve your metabolism. It’s also full of probiotics, vitamins, and minerals that will help to restore your body’s natural energy (reenergize) if you’re feeling drained by the heat. 

These all tips and tricks applied would definitely help one to fight with this heat. Then the phrase BEAT THE HEAT will be successful. Hereafter we discuss what and how to kill time this summer. As all the schools, and colleges are on vacation time. Kids at home keep asking to go out and play but allowing them won’t be wise as that will definitely affect their health. So here comes a wide list activity to be done in this summer weather.

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Many are trying to book summer camps, find out whether pools are open, plan vacations and fill out calendars with family and friends. We can connect with family and friends, get outside to enjoy nature, play silly games; and find ways to do good and express gratitude for others. Some of them may help you to add to your bucket list.

  • Go to the amusement park in the evening.
  • Plan a family game night.
  • Play lego challaenges.
  • Go for gardening, plant flowers and herbs.
  • Have a water balloon fight. (Just don’t spill water at home, beware children 😂)
  • Learn swimming.
  • Leap to a rope swing.
  • Ride a Ferris wheel.
  • While at home make some tye and dye t-shirts.
  • Do some act of kindness, and feed people with water in this hot weather.
  • Walk a dog in the evening.
  • Bake for a family, neighbours, friends and relatives.
  • Make some thank you notes and give them to whom you want to thank.
  • Go to the waterpark, resort and enjoy a pool party.

Planning for hot-weather activities ahead of time can help reduce your risk of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. The scorching summer heat is hard on our bodies, our moods, and our electric bills. Don’t let the temperature get you down, though. Don’t let the hot summer Sun ruin your day. With these ideas, you can enjoy summer comfortably, no matter what the weather throws at you.

Be always COOL and HEALTHY

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