Now No Mobile Burst Issue, A New Research By IIT Jodhpur On Mobile’s Battery
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Now No Mobile Burst Issue, A New Research By IIT Jodhpur On Mobile’s Battery

In the past couple of years, there have been increased reports of popular smartphone models heating issue, catching fire and exploding. Even after a long voice calls or data usage, mobile longer usage, user felt mobile heating issues. Earlier, Samsung recalled 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after reports of the mobile burst issue. Now, these issues would be an history.

Now we can talk more on the mobile phones and we can use it more without any tension of draining and heating of the battery, Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur has now invented a battery which will not generate much heat and will not burst while using during the long voice communications.It is a pride moment for IIT Jodhpur, that their research on mobile batteries has come up with success to resolve the issue during the mobile usage.Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur has been researching for a while on mobile batteries. The IITJ has now declared that they have made a battery in which the mobile phones can run longer and these batteries are invented so technically that the problem of bursting will not happen again. The invention of new battery has received the patent from the Indian Patent office and this battery is also applied for the patent from International Patent Authorities.

When the confirmation of the patent will be accepted by the International Patent Office then the IITJ will be allowed to share this technology with the manufacturer of the mobile companies. The new batteries are expected to be cheaper in rates. Presently China is manufacturing the lithium batteries in the large amount and these batteries which are manufacturing in China are very expensive.

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Why the Mobile Burst Issue?

The most dangerous part of the mobile batteries is in the aeroplane because of the too much height and the low air pressure makes the comfortable condition for the mobile phones or tablets to get heated up; this happens because of the chemical reactions. When the cathode plate heated up it leaves the lithium carbonate. And this lithium anode-cathode plate comes out of the earthing plate and sparks generated and thus battery gets burst due to chemical reactions.

New Mechanism to Solve Mobile Burst Issue

In 2015 under the program of Indo-Portugal bilateral research work, the professor of IITJ Rakesh Sharma and his student Pura Ram developed the new battery with the help of the American professor Dr Rahul Singhal, also helped them in the research. IITJ is using the lanthanide instead of graphite, they have made the new cathode by using the five elements of lanthanide category these are – Gadolinium, Dysprosium, Terbium, Neodymium and Ethrayum.

The atomic size of these elements is bigger so these elements covered the lithium ion. When the lithium ion is covered with the elements then there will not be the problem of heat and burst. The new batteries will be charged fast and discharged slowly. The cathode which is made up from lanthanide is created by sol-gel technology, and this cathode is cheaper also. The new batteries can handle the higher temperature and low pressure of air.

The atom of lithium is the third smallest and more active. In lithium batteries, the anode (positive plate) is of lithium element and cathode (negative plate) is of graphite. When the battery is fully charged then the anode is filled in the lithium and when lithium slip to the cathode and sticks to the cathode and battery gets discharged. This is the technology which is using until today by the mobile companies.

This is a proud moment for IIT Jodhpur and AapnoJodhpur. We wish very best for further research and help to society.

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