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10 Famous Breakfasts Of Jodhpur In Winter

The Blue City of Rajasthan, Jodhpur, is a city of traditions, culture, heritage and food lovers. Rajasthan’s second largest city after its capital Jaipur, Jodhpur is everything you’d expect. Oh, and it’s home to some fantastic options for breakfast too; think classic north Indian flair mixed with a dash of international favourites. We here present famous breakfasts of Jodhpur, especially taken in this loving winter season.

The Cuisine that originated in Rajasthan and the surrounding region is known as the Rajasthani Cuisine. The Arid Nature of the region, Scarcity of water and Vegetation, the Extreme Climatic Conditions has witnessed evolvement of Unique Cooking styles and food habits of the Natives that is noticeably different from Other Indian Cuisines.

Jodhpur is another name For Food Lovers. In the proper language of Marwadi, The Foodie or The Food Lovers are known as The खावनखंडा’. And they eat and take proper joy while eating. They eat their Food with full Love and Enjoyment even they used to serve their Guests with the same अपनत्व and Enthusiasm. The Way of Showing Love is very different in Jodhpur.

Every Good Meal starts with the Engine of the meal that is Breakfast. So here, by presenting the List of Famous Breakfasts of Jodhpur prepared in the Homes/Shops of Jodhpur in Morning.

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Starting With The  Very First And Famous Breakfasts Of Jodhpur In Winter-

1) जोधपुर का मिर्चीबडा (The Jodhpuri Mirchibada)

The Jodhpur Mirchi Bada ‘जोधपुर का मिर्चीबडा‘, a Spicy Chilli Cutlet Made of Chilli and Potato Stuffing is a Popular Rajasthani Snacks Item that ate along well with Tamarind Chutney, Mint Chutney or Tomato Sauce. It is often a very tasty and delicious option for the Breakfast!. Mostly people eat this along with the Breads as Well, making it a in-between of Two Slices of bread i.e ‘SANDWICH‘.

2) दूध जलेबी ‘Dudh Jalebi’

The Dudh Jalebi are like that Couple Made For Each Other Kind of. This Dudh Jalebi is the most Yummiest And Even The Warmest Option in The Morning time whenever you want to have a Soothing Breakfast. The Dudh (Milk) have Keshar (Saffron),  healthy Dry Fruits Like काजू, बादाम, पिस्ता, इलायची (Cardamom) in it.

3) बाजरे का दलिया ‘Bajre Ka Daliya’

Here comes one more exciting recipe, known as Bajre Ka Daliya also known as Millet Porridge, especially taken in winter season. It can be prepared in Solid Composition as well as in Liquid Form, Whatever form We like to Have In.

Raw Millet provides 378 calories (in a 100-gram serving) and is a rich source of Protein, Dietary Fiber, Several Vitamins and Numerous Dietary Minerals, especially manganese at 76% DV (USDA Nutrient Table). Raw Millet is 9% Water, 73% Carbohydrates, 4% Fat and 11% Protein, so this is a very Good and healthy Option as well. This is widely prepared in Dadi Nani ‘s Kitchen as they know it’s Nutritive Value as well.

4) मावे की कचोरी ‘Maave Ki Kachori’

मावे की कचोरी is a Signature Dish of Jodhpur and is made from Mawa and Nuts, stuffed in fried flat bread of Refined Flour. It was invented by Rawat Mishthan Bhandar, which is one of the famous Sweet House in Jodhpur.

Just before serving, drizzle the kachori with about 2 tablespoons of hot syrup ‘चासनी‘. Kachories can also be served without syrup. This is one of the Best Breakfast that one can have.

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5) गोंद गिरी के लड्डू ‘Gond Giri Ke Laddu’

Gond Ke Laddu is another Popular Sweet Dish of Rajasthan and is one of the famous breakfasts of Jodhpur. This Sweet is quite heavy (not in weight but in diet calories), due to the use of Edible Gum Resin (गोंद) and Huge amount of Ghee. It is served traditionally in several Festivals. This is also one of the healthy and energizing start of the Day.

6) छमकी हुई रोटियां

This is a savoury breakfast and good going as Snacks with the चाय and Coffee in the Morning. This is a recipe prepared by the dried रोटीs. By shallow frying leftover रोटीs in the Pan with all the Masalas is the Key to the Family’s Heart. Try It Out, It’s Among One Of The Favourite Breakfast.

7) बाजरे की राब ‘Baajre Ki Raab’

Bajre ki raab, another healthy and famous breakfast of Jodhpur, is a traditional drink of Jodhpur made with pearl millet flour and yoghurt. It is very nutritious. Raab is served warm in winters and cold in summers. Baajre (Millets) Ki Raab is one of the most Popular Breakfasts in the list. Best Winter Food that I could think of, prepare At Home to Beat all The Cough and Cold if the Weather Change Had Inflicted Anyone!

There is also a sweet version of Raab that has jaggery, ghee and nuts. In the desert regions during summers when the vegetables are scarce, people make do with dried vegetables like Ker Sangri and Raab. They make a thicker version of Raab to dip the रोटलाs.

8) कढ़ी कचोरी ‘Kadhi Kachori’

Kadhi Kachori is all time breakfast item in many cities. It is a Delicious and Fulfilling Street Food. It Is a Fusion of Two Rajasthani Delicacies – the Rajasthani Kadhi, and Jodhpuri Kachori.

Traditionally Kachori is a breakfast item but it is also enjoyed as a quick Lunch Option and an Evening Snack Too. Rajasthani kachori differs from the rest, due to it’s Spicy and Flavourful Moong Daal Filling. A satiating, Lip-smacking and Heavenly Treat is at your Mercy, Waiting to be Devoured and Cleaned Off Your Plate.

9) शीरा\हलवा ‘Sheera\Halwa’

हलवा is a Traditional Sweet Dish Made In India and Our Jodhpur Has Many Flavours To It. Some of the Famous हलवाs include आटे का हलवा, Sooji Ka Halwa, Gajar Ka Halwa, Doodhi Halwa, Asoka Halwa, Beetroot Halwa and Pumpkin Halwa.

The Delicious Gulab Halwa, made from Pure Milk, has Sweet Brown Colored Delectable Granules and Garnished with Pistachio and Edible Silver Foil (Chandi ka Verk) is a Sweet delicacy originate in the town of Pali (near Jodhpur) offers the Same taste at its Jodhpur Outlet.

The use of pure Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter) employed in the making of this delicious sweet Delicacy Lends it a Distinct Flavor, Aroma and Taste.

10) ऑमेलेट्ट ‘Omelette’

The hole-in-the-wall outlet near the Clock Tower sells over a thousand eggs a day, either boiled with spices or in the form of omelettes. They have interesting varieties of omelettes but the cheese masala omelette is their speciality.

That Uncle Is So Famous Due To Familiar Behavior With Everyone So Know As Omelette Man. The Real Omelette Man, You Will Be Surprised to Discover that this Legend Serves his Culinary Creations from a Small Stand in the Middle of a two way Street in front of the Fortified Gate Leading to the busy Sardar Market.

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Okay.. Okay.. Okay..!! So That Was The Glance To The Streets And Famous Breakfasts Of Jodhpur In The Winter Season. It Must Be Mouth Watering Experience After Reading This But Yeah We Have A Rich Food Culture.

Here You Go All The  खावनखंड ा’s! Please share your inputs to add in ’10 Famous Breakfasts Of Jodhpur In Winter’ through below comment box or on our  Facebook page.

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