Jodhpur During Monsoon: Best Places to Visit in Rainy Season. Suncity in monsoon is a sight to behold as the city becomes greener and places become even more scintillating. So, if you are planning a trip to Jodhpur and want to enjoy the rainy season then we are sharing lots of places which you must visit
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Jodhpur During Monsoon: Best Places to Visit in Rainy Season

Places to Visit in Jodhpur During Monsoon Season: Monsoon is one of the favourite seasons of everybody, which brings the magic of rains with lush green nature, flower carpet, green grassland, waterfalls and the magnificent smell of earth. In Rajasthan, the season of summer is too hot to come out off the houses and monsoon work as relief from the hot and dry weather. At that time we all want to enjoy the weather.

Rajasthan is home to incredible places and one of them is Jodhpur, which is the second-largest city in Rajasthan, also known as the Gateway to the Thar desert. Jodhpur, also known as Sun City is one of the beautiful city and has a deep cultural significance in the Rajputana history of Marwar. It is known for its vibrant culture, lively atmosphere and offers picturesque views.

The city is full of magical places to visit that will leave you mesmerized! From Forts and Palaces to Museums and Lakes, there is so much to explore in Jodhpur, that you will be left spoilt for choice and never feel bored! And let us tell you, Jodhpur in Monsoon Season is a sight to behold as the city becomes greener and places become even more scintillating.

Rainy Season in Jodhpur

The monsoon months in Jodhpur begin from July and continue till September. The city experiences an increase in humidity at this time. However, it is the perfect time to witness the beauty of the city. The maximum temperature remains 37-degree celsius while the minimum temperature during monsoon is usually 24-degree celsius. So, you know you can wander the streets of the city easily.

These are the places in Jodhpur where you can truly sense the cool gentle winds, light raindrops and the smell of earth. Monsoons in Jodhpur are truly a rhapsody of bliss, beauty and relief from the scorching summer sun and they are meant to be savoured.

So, if you are planning a trip to Jodhpur during monsoon season and thinking where, to begin with, then let us help you. We are giving information about the best places in Jodhpur during monsoon and how to make it the perfect time to spend a vacation there!

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Places to Visit in Jodhpur During Monsoon

1. Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort is one of the most popular places to visit in Jodhpur. The fort is as old as 15th century and speaks of the grandeur of the culture of the city.

This is one of my and every youngster favourite places to visit in Monsoon season because it is at the height from where you can see all the city and you realize real peace here. So this can be one of your favourite place to visit.

2. Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada is a historic place to visit. As in the monsoon, the beauty of the historic places get increase and this becomes a really chilling zone for every age people. So as this place is known as “The Taj Mahal of The Marwar” so this can be a place to visit in monsoon.

3. Mandore Garden

Mandore garden is the place you can visit with your family in the monsoon season and also go for the picnic at this place with your family. As the mandore garden is a historic garden with a large landscape. In the monsoon there the whole garden will look to greenery and fresh.

4. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

Rao Jodha desert rock park is an artificial rock park lies at the foothill of Mehrangarh Fort. The park is the best place to treat the nature lover. As this place is covered with exotic plants belonging to Thar desert area and in monsoon they look really nice so this place can be an option to visit. The park offers scenic views of the surroundings.

5. Kaylana Lake

Kaylana Lake is the best place to visit in monsoon. This can be the best escape from the hustle-bustle of city life. There you can go for the boating or you can enjoy sweetcorn with lake scene, as in monsoon enjoying sweetcorn at the bank of the lake will double the fun and really nice to experience.

6. Arna Jharna

Arna Jharna is a picnic hot spot found in the desert of Rajasthan. In rainy days, the beauty of this place will double as the greenery will surround you. This place has its own charm in rainy days. When the water flows through the rocks, it becomes a place worthy enough to hang out with friends.

The Desert Museum of Rajasthan at Arna Jharna has a good collection of instruments, information about the Culture of Desert which has been used in early days. This is a must visit place, managed by Rupayan Sansthan.

7. There are many more places to visit like:-

Ratanada Ganesh Mandir

Umaid Bhawan

Masuriya Hill Garden

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If you are planning for enjoying the weekend with your family in Jodhpur during monsoon season then there are many resorts. As now a days resorts are the point of attraction to visit in monsoon season with your family and with your friend also. So you can find the Best Resorts In Jodhpur To Feel True Essence Of Rajasthani Heritage in monsoon season.

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