1 Lakh Skilled Artisans to Develop in Jodhpur for Handicraft and Textile Industry
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1 Lakh Skilled Artisans to Develop in Jodhpur for Handicraft and Textile Industry

There is good news for the young people and artisans of Aapno Jodhpur, wanna be part of handicraft and textile industry, as these industries will get the skilled workforce. Our Jodhpur has received a target by the Central Government to prepare 1 lakh, skilled artisans for Handicraft and Textile industry.

Now Jodhpur will get a workforce of trained and skilled artisans for textiles and handicraft industry, which will boost the productivity, fineness, and expertise in the same. Recently, Central Government has approved to sanction an amount of Rs 1300 crores to Textile Ministry for “Special Artisans Skill Development” project. This amount will be provided under Scheme for “Capacity Building in Textiles Sector” named project. This project will work under the norms for “National Scheme Framework“.

Possibilities For Textile and Handicraft

Manish Purohit, the secretary of JODHPUR HANDICRAFT EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION informed media that Jodhpur is known as the hub of Wooden Handicraft. Most wooden furniture from our country along with other handicrafts products are mainly being exported from Jodhpur city, which is the pride of our Aapno Jodhpur. A huge number of artisans, Carpenters and labourers are associated with handicraft industry. By this new project of central Government, a force of skilled workers and artisans will be ready. Textile sector is also steadily booming in the city. Here lots of the modular units are working on coloring and printing the textiles and supplying to the country’s different local market. This project will also help in preparing a man-force of skilled workers for Textile Industry.

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Projects Soon To Be Started

This project will help to develop the skilled manpower for the handicraft, Textile and Handloom Industry, which comes under Textile Ministry. Ministry has approved this project and the execution of the same will be started very soon. The target being different clusters of India. This project will be started with aid of different department and institutions which come under the working area of Central Textile Ministry. The aim of this project is to increase both the quality and quantity of the finished product, double the productivity and skilled artisans.

Cities to be Included in First Phase of this Project

Jodhpur being a big cluster of handicraft industry is included in the very first phase. Besides this, Moradabad, Saharanpur, Agra, Varanasi, Surat, Bhuj are also included. Also, Uttar Pradesh and some North Eastern states are also included in the first phase. After providing training to the workers for skill development they will be offered for employment also.

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(Information Courtesy: Rajasthan Patrika)

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