Valentine Week 2020 is to celebrate Rose day, Propose Day, Chocolate day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and Valentine Day from February 7 till Feb 14 who are in love, relationship and friendship
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Valentine Week 2019, 8 Days to Express Your Love

Valentine Day is celebrated all over the world on February 14, every year to express your love with someone special. Valentine Week 2019 has started from Thursday, on 7th February with Rose DayValentine Week is celebrated mainly among the youngsters with great joy, excitement and enthusiasm who are in Love, relationship and friendship.

You get to enjoy eight days during Valentine’s week, which includes Rose day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, and Kiss Day followed by the big day – Valentine Day!

The celebration of Valentine’s Day in India began to become popular following economic and social liberalisation. The various social and religious group have condemned Valentine Day as an unwelcome influence of Western culture on our Indian traditional culture. Some also consider this a scam by corporations for their economic gain, as India is a supermarket for their business.

Many Schools and religious leader also celebrate this day as “Parents Worship Day (Mata Pita Pujan Diwas)” to celebrate with our traditions and Cultural Values.

Valentine Week 2019 begins from February 7 as Rose day to February 14 as valentine day. Every day of Valentine Week 2019 is celebrated in a special way to make the Valentine Week more special in every possible way.

In Hindu mythology, there is a god of love, Kamadeva, who wields a bow of flowers and it is believed couples stuck by his arrows fall in love. All those who are in love wait for this day to make them feel very special.

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Celebration Everyday in Valentine Week 2019

Valentine’s Week has its own significance among youngsters. During this week each day is celebrated in a different way to express their feelings.

  • Rose Day – 7 February
  • Propose Day – 8 February
  • Chocolate Day – 9 February
  • Teddy Day – 10 February
  • Promise Day – 11 February
  • Hug Day – 12 February
  • Kiss Day – 13 February
  • Valentine’s Day – 14 February

Meaning of Valentine’s Week Day-wise

Rose Day

The Valentine Week 2019 begins on Thursday, February 7 with the Rose Day. On this day, Wish someone a Happy Rose Day with a rose that conveys your feelings of admiration and happiness. This day gives people a reason by exchanging this beautiful flower to share some love with each other.

Type of Roses and Their Meanings

Red Roses – The red rose, undoubtedly, signifies an expression of love. Red roses mean romance go hand-in-hand.

White Roses – White roses stand for purity, innocence and humility are ideal for a new relationship or marriage.

Yellow Roses – Yellow is an expression of exuberance and friendship.

Orange Roses – Orange roses are to show enthusiasm and passion.

Pink Roses – Pink is the colour to choose to express gratitude.

Lavender Rose – this rose conveys enchantment. It also means ‘love at first sight’.

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Propose Day

February 8 is Propose Day, the second day of the valentine week which is the apt occasion to walk up to the person you love and declare your feelings for him or her. On this day, people give roses to propose their girlfriend, boyfriend, relative and friend. Several couples use this day to propose marriage to the person they love.

Chocolate Day

The third day of the valentine week, February 9 leading up to the festival of love is dedicated to chocolates. Chocolate Day is the perfect reason to make an impression with something sweet. Chocolates and candies are best gifts for first dates, anniversaries, weddings and more. So this Saturday, let your loved ones know how much you care for them with chocolates.

Teddy Day

An adorable teddy bear is the cutest way to let others know how much they mean to you! Gift them one on this Saturday, February 10 to celebrate Teddy day, and see the huge smile on their face. Teddy Day is made for all those who love these adorable soft toys.

Promise Day

Promises are never meant to be broken“, couples take the oath on Promise Day, the 11th day of February. The day you make meaningful promises of love and trust to your loved ones for a prosperous relationship.

Hug Day

What’s better than a tight warm hug “Jaadu ki Jhaapi”? Sometimes a hug will say what words can’t. Go ahead and make sure you hug your friends, parents and loved ones this February 12, Tuesday. A hug has the power to make people feel loved and cared for.

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Kiss Day

On February 13 every year i.e the day just before Valentine’s Day is celebrated as Kiss Day. A kiss represents the feelings of love, affection and respect. Kiss Day is a day of expression of your passionate feelings for each other.
A kiss is the expression of our souls and each kind of kiss conveys a different feeling. Here is the list of the many ways to show your love on this day :

  • The Forehead Kiss
  • The French Kiss
  • The Single-Lip Kiss
  • The Hand Kiss
  • The Earlobe Kiss
  • Lingering Lip Kiss
  • The Cheek Kiss
  • The Peck
  • The Air Kiss

Valentine Day

The most-awaited day of February! Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. This Day is celebrated in honour of Saint Valentine, a 3rd-century Roman saint associated with courtly love. Valentine’s Day is dedicated to love and romance.

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There have been protests against the celebrations by groups who consider it as a western influence. Almost every year, law and order problems occur on 14 February in many cities in India due to protest and clashes of the different mindset of the people. Nowadays, these days of the Valentine week have taken on a new meaning.

We wish you and your loved ones a Happy Valentine Week 2019 and celebrate the way, which seems good for you and your culture. Connect with us on Facebook also to share your views!

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